Drew Charter Schools

Since 2011, the CEISMC Educational Research and Evaluation Group has conducted evaluations of numerous grant-funded initiatives at Drew Charter School including: a series of Drew Charter School programs funded by the Georgia Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) Innovation Fund (2011-2021), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2013-2018), and the Goizueta Foundation (2019-2022), with a total investment of approximately $500,000 in evaluation services. Over the last decade, researchers from the CEISMC Educational Research and Evaluation Group have worked closely with Drew Charter School to document and explore the school's implementation of project-based learning in STEAM disciplines. This work has provided ongoing guidance to inform teaching and learning at Drew Charter School while also generating research spanning and connecting an array of K-12 education topics including college and career readiness, communities of practice, self-efficacy, maker education, and engineering education. In our current evaluations of the STEAM Beyond Borders program funded by a GOSA Innovation Scaling Grant and the STEAM Cohort funded by the Goizueta Foundation, we are examining how Drew is working to scale its innovative professional development model both within its own PK-12 pipeline and beyond to include other schools across Georgia.