Research Projects

The CEISMC Research and Evaluation Group at the Georgia Institute of Technology aims to contribute meaningful research to the academic community, advancing CEISMC's vision to understand and inform curricular, pedagogical, social, and policy reforms that shape STEM education and workforce development.  We achieve this vision by conducting research utilizing our team’s expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods to share our learned knowledge with the academic community through peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national and international conferences. The team has expertise in various advanced statistical methods, including Social Network Analysis, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Survival Analysis, and Structural Equation Modeling.  A sample of our research activities is presented below.



AMP-IT-UP is an NSF Math and Science Partnership promoting workforce development and cultivating the next generation of STEM innovators.

NSF STEM+C: K-12 Computer Science Research

Creating, piloting, and assessing a new computer science course in high school.

NSF Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Exploring the relationships that may exist between Noyce teachers' social networks, their self-efficacy, and retention in high need schools.

Georgia Tech Faculty Collaboration

Collaboration with Georgia Tech faculty to study outcomes of curriculum interventions. 

NSF DRK12: Bio-Inspired Design​

BIRDEE focuses on developing Bio-inspired high school engineering courses.

NSF NRT-IGE: Team Science

Addressing the lack of exposure to interdisciplinary team science related material in graduate education programs.